Principal's Message

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Principal's Message:

India stands at a crucial stage. It has many advantages including a predominantly young population and are of the world’s fastest growing economics. All across the globe there is interest in India as an coming global power. In these inspiring times, the biggest challenge is to prepare the youth who are educated and capable, with skills and the intellectual capacity to meet the various needs and requirement for developing the nation. We have to be able to complete with the finest minds in the world. In this, education occupies a crucial position.

The education system in VANASTHALI VIDYA VALLEY , looks at the holistic development of The youth of the country in this context , I would like to emphasize on the three aspects which are of the almost focus in my school and which are very important for the overall Development of children.

One, education is about knowledge, second, knowledge without values is incomplete. It is a value system that can prepare the younger generation to become responsible citizens who contribute to the welfare of society and advancement of the human act, the third aspect which is important is to build a spirit of working together constructively.

I promise an adherence of the above. Together WE CAN AND WE WILL Steer the change.


M.Sc, M.A, B.Ed Journalism's