Our Mission

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Our Mission:

Vanasthali vidya Valley aspires of being an institution where all the staff are trained to perform efficiently, where the organizational structure is clear and made up of many departments working together harmoniously, where authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities are well defined, where responsibilities are based on capabilities, where performance is evaluated regularly and all are encouraged to improve, where staff use consultation to solve problems at the appropriate level, where policies are clearly documented and reviewed regularly, where information circulates efficiently, and where good character, unity, punctuality, justice, honesty, truthfulness, dedication, collaboration and spirit of service are core values upheld by all.


The primary objective of scholarly development is to nurture the spirit of exploration and enquiry. For young children, opportunities are available to observe, handle a variety of natural and man-made material and hone their inherent virtues of questioning and sharing. Students are regularly encouraged to conduct research at elementary and complex levels. For this purpose, the school infrastructure and curriculum enables the active use of school laboratories, the library and activity rooms. The time-table each week allows adequate time for students and teachers to read, collect data, construct, discuss, analyze and present their findings with each other on a regular basis.