Significance of Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts is given a place of pride in the curricular architecture. The role of Arts as an expression of human ingenuity, creativity and innovation can hardly be debated. The last few decades have witnessed an over-emphasis on science and technology, marginalizing the role of Arts especially at the school curriculum. The utilitarian demands of existence have underplayed the role of aesthetic, appreciation and expression. It is in this context the curriculum envisages a more meaningful role of Visual and Performing Arts in the classrooms so that the future generation is able to create balance between tacit knowledge and external knowledge.

Physical & Health Education

Physical and Health Education is a very vital part of the curricular architecture. The development of mental faculties cannot happen if the health status of the individual is not adequately sound. Researches worldwide have indicated the role of physical exercises in nurturing the strength of the mental faculties. In addition to the regular physical exercises and games in schools it is important to give a thrust on the mental health of the learners.

Technology interventions in classrooms

The curriculum provides adequate scope for effective integration of technology in the classrooms. The purpose of integrating the use of technology in pedagogy is to ensure that the learners are at par with the learners at the global level, especially in countries where advanced strategies have led to personalized learning through integration of technology in the learning process. Further his would help learners to examine the concepts and problems through graphical and visual representation rather that as mere verbal exercises.